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Subject: Re: FLASH: Flash 3 corupt FLA 2!
From: Brad Merritt
Date: Fri, 12 Feb 1999 21:13:59 GMT

>Well, Its happened to me twice in two different FLAs on two different
>Ill be working on a FLA and then Flash crashes. When I try to re-open
Flash and
>open the FLA it crashes Flash3 every time. Ive tried everything, re-boot,
>rename,etc etc etc, I cant boot it up on my old Mac, because I dont have a Mac
>version of FLash.
>The corrupt file is the exact same size as previous saved versions so as
far as
>I can tell theres no loss
>of data.

As far as your Flash crashing 50% of the time, that seems irregular to me.
But if your system crashes when are working on a file, kiss it goodbye.
I have found no way to retrieve a file, and I have tried everything you can
think of. It will happen if your power goes out too, so be sure to invest
in a UPS if you don't have one. I have mailed this problem to be fixed in
with my wish list to MM. I work with Flash on WinNT, Win95 and Mac OS 8.0
and I find more problem with Win95 more than anything as far as crashing goes.
Be prepared for this to happen, save copies as you go, that is the only
answer so far.

Brad Merritt

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