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Subject: Re: FLASH: Flash 3 corupt FLA 2!
From: John Croteau
Date: Fri, 12 Feb 1999 22:21:04 GMT

Hi Jayma,

> Not the exact same error, but I am running on a Mac, and had a Flash
> crash recently. When I tried to reopen the file... I got an "Invalid
> File" error, losing 5 hours of work since my last backup. It's got me
> paranoid enough that I am double saving everything (master and backup)
> every 10 minutes or so! I was never able to get that file back, but it
> looked to be all there (file size). Would love to hear if someone
> knows if you can save these files, or do you just take in the chin and
> start over?
Until recently most lost FLAs I've heard about have been on Macs.
My success rate at recovering FLAs has been very poor 1 in about 7
attempts with no good methodology yet. For five or ten hours of lost
work it isn't worth investing the time to try to save an FLA file. At
least not so far. If we're lucky someone will lose a very important file
so I can afford to try and save it. And if I'm successful and we're
lucky I might find a common trait in some failed FLAs files. If it just
lost graphics usually they can be extracted from the SWF file.
SWF is open but not FLA so there are few details about how an FLA is

If you have a Flash file that seems to be acting strangely I suggest
that you copy and paste all the frames into a new movie just in case the
file has been corrupted. This will prevent a single error in a file from
compounding into a FLA file that is totally unusable. If you can open a
bad file this is always the method you should use to recover your work.

This is another reason not to use Scenes you can copy and paste all your
frames in your whole movie at once with a single Scene. If you have
dozens it is one Scene at a time.

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