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Subject: FLASH: Stuffing Projectors
From: Jayma
Date: Sat, 13 Feb 1999 05:16:46 GMT

I am fairly new to this list, so forgive me if this has been covered in the past. I have looked just about everywhere I could think of and couldn't find anything about this.

I was asked to create a projector, mixing 2 swf's for a client to use as a demo at their office without the need to go on line (we needed to have each movie on separate pages on the internet, but they wanted it "whole" as a demo). Instead of copy/pasting 10s of 1000s of frames on over 200 layers of 3 scenes from the 2nd movie into the first, I decided to simplify things and do a load movie command. At the end of the first swf, onRelease of the "continue" button, I unload the first movie and loaded the 2nd. (Necessary because there is a transition of matching frames that I didn't want to have a flash frame in order to leave the first movie loaded). I created the projector while the first movie played in the projector, and everything worked perfectly. Just what we needed with only a few clicks of the mouse.

When I tried to stuffit and email it to my boss, located 1800 miles away, he called me to tell me the 2nd swf was gone, only a blank screen. I tried it several different ways... .sit .sea .hqx nothing would work.... the .sit and .sea would take the 2nd movie away,. Thinking it was email that might have corrupted, I opened the .sit and .sea at my office, and he was right, no 2nd movie. I tried FTP, and the .hqx was repeatedly corrupt. I finally ended up sending him both files, and had him use his Shockwave Projector to create the Projector.

(I hope I explained this well enough for you all to understand!)

Has anyone ever encountered this? I'm pretty stumped, and a little concerned that someone might stuff something... later unstuffing, only to find it gone.

Thanks for your... eyes,

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