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Subject: Re: FLASH: Flash support 2 monitors.
From: Ryan Scott
Date: Sat, 13 Feb 1999 05:33:12 GMT

You can run any two cards.

Ryan Scott

> Question for you Brad:
> You said you installed an ATI Mach 64 PCI card. Did you *already* have an
> ATI Mach 64 card installed, and you just added a second one? Or is your
> first video card from a different manufacturer.
> I'm confused...can Windows 98 run 2 monitors with *any two* video cards? Or
> must both cards be the same?
> In my case, my existing video card is a Viper AGP card; since I only have
> one AGP slot, I can't have two of this same card. So I'm wondering if I can
> just stick any ol' video card in a PCI slot, or whether I have to get rid of
> my Viper AGP card and buy two of the same PCI cards?

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  Re: FLASH: Flash support 2 monitors., Scott Wilkinson

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