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Subject: FLASH: Rotating Globe
From: Jayma
Date: Sun, 14 Feb 1999 00:31:44 GMT

I have been working on a rotating globe for a part of a movie for a client.
It is 30 frames long to get the smoothest (most frames) for one rotation.

After putting it together in Flash, it was over 200k for the globe alone.
(Obviously not acceptable.) I wanted to optimize it, so I did the trace
bitmap and optimized the curves of every frame. Well, when I check the swf
file after that, I found it to be over 800k. This sure didn't seem to be
"optimized" to me! Please! If anyone has any idea why the size went from
smaller before to much larger after, I would love to hear it! I even made
symbols of the traced/optimized objects and deleted the original bitmaps
just to see if that would help. But it didn't. A "save as" greatly
reduced my .fla size, but no effect on the .swf.

You can view it (the smaller, non "optimized" one) here. If you don't mind
waiting just a bit, I would appreciate it.
(This is raw, and I just did a quick html to show you with Aftershock, and
must have missed something in my haste as I had problems viewing with IE4
(Mac), but was fine in Netscape.)
Any feedback is welcome. Oh, and yes, I am aware that it is revolving


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