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Subject: Re: FLASH: Flash Developers FTP File Swap Site
From: Daniel Votino
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 05:23:36 GMT

Hi yall!

Since so many are always askin, "hey wheres a good place for yadda yadda and
where can I upload or get ahold of an example of such and such yadda yadda
yadda" Ive opend up an FTP
for you all. This can be used to upload and download various files,
scripts, fla, swf, wav, keep a list of great sites, educational sites,
resource sites, etc. Some of you may want to post files for comment or help
without sending it to the list. Here's a good place to do it. Basically
anything you want it to be for if you so desire to make use of it. Its
anonymous - port 21 so there yall go. . . . . . . Sorry, no
friendly name yet, I'll work on it . . . If you have any questions send me
an email. Its pretty naked right now but if anyone sees a use for it, feel
free to contribute and I'm sure a little attention will make it a great
resource for many. Happy Flashin.

Love & Rockets, Daniel Votino
Project Manager, The Flash Brothers Design Group
510 E. Francis Ave. Level0 Suite# DESCRY, Spokane, WA 99207
509.755.9904 / 509.484.8466 / FAX: 509.484.8461

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  Re: FLASH: Flash Developers FTP File Swa, Mike Grove

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