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Subject: FLASH: printing in flash
From: Brajesh
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 06:09:16 GMT

Hello everybody,

Sometime back there was a discussion reagrding printing
in flash. I wish to know how sucessful was that.

I am sure there is a way out for a good printout from flash.
This was the question that came on the list,

I understand that there is no support for printing in Flash players.
But, can I have a Flash button embedded in a Web page that can use
FSCommand to call a javascript function to print the page.
For example, I found that I can create a simple "print" button on a
html page with the javascript as follows:

<a href="javascript:window.print()"> Print </a>

So, can I call run window.print() from Flash?

Please flashers can you tell me a way to get a clear print from
shockwave flash. I have tried putting the above script in FS command,
but it doesnot work..

What is the solution. Unfotunately I deleted the solution for that.
Pl. Help

<pkashokatemirates [dot] net [dot] ae>

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