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Subject: FLASH: complex buttons
From: Erik Kittlaus
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 14:46:38 GMT

Here's my dilemma with a button I'm working on:

The button itself has different art for the Up, Over, and Down states. I
also have two animated clips activated by two different actions.

1) I've embedded a clip in the button timeline in the Over state that
animates text sliding in (to the right of the button).

2) Then I have a Tell Target on the "Press" action that triggers a
different animation from a clip that sits directly on the Work Area (Stage).

Note: I have a blank keyframe in the Down frame of the button (no clip).

What's happening is this:
The rollover animation works just as it should, but when I press (or click)
both the rollover animation and the Tell Target action activate. So I get
two animations when I only desire the one. I can't figure out why the
rollover clip is activated on both the rollover and "Press" of the button.

Any takers. . . John?

-Erik Kittlaus

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  Re: FLASH: complex buttons, Marc Hoffman

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