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Subject: how to see the site--was: No 3d for you! (was: Re(2): FLASH: slick 3d cube site)
From: batrico
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 15:29:05 GMT

On 2/18/1999 7:33 AM,Colin Moock of fritzaticeinc [dot] com said:

>it turns out that some can see it, some can't. i doubt there's much we can do
>about that, short of mailing the creators and hoping for the best.

Hi all,

At the request of another user, I checked out why the site is allegedly
unobtainable for certain viewers, and not for others.

The source code reveals a potential problem with users of both IE4 and
NN4 for Mac.

If you have IE4 for Mac, and you can't see the popup URL object that
displays the option, '??Flash', you may have an issue with your
installation of IE.

Check your System Folder: Extensions Folder: MS Library Folder: for the
following files:

MS JScript PPC v3.0.1b
MS JScript PPC v4.0.5

These files are in conflict with one another when you have duel versions
of IE3 and IE4 installed on the same System.

You need the early version to properly execute JavaScripts on IE 3, and
you must have the newer version to even run IE4, so, as a web designer
who needs both versions to test pages, you'll have to continually swap
these two files (with both apps not running) to use each one with
JavaScripts. I suggest building an AppleScript to swap the files and
launch the desired browser on command.

If you have the newer version, and you are running IE4 and *still* can't
execute the scripts, you should try quitting IE4, physically deleting
your "cache.waf" file (not just emptying cache from the prefs button),
and starting over. If you still can't see it, you should delete all MS
Libraries and components and reinstall IE4.

Those of you using NN on Mac and can't see the site, try this link:


If you still can't see it, the only thing I can suggest is that the host
server is running an active ASP or CGI script that excludes certain
domains or ports. If this is the case, then you need to login through an
anonymous domain router, that will mask your originating server address.
This is still not a sure-fire solution, as any good scripter can even
overcome anons.

I have not investigated this issue in detail for Wintel, but am able to
view the files under both IE4 and NN4.

If this all sounds like too big of a hassle to see some Japanese Flash
site, I have three comments:

1) It is worth it for designers to know what problems can prevent a
potential audience from viewing a page, so learning how to correct them
yourselves will inevitably assist you in writing scripts that are more
reliable than the one demonstrated here. Further, if you must use such a
script, you can at least provide a detailed fix for any user who
complains they can't see your site contents.

2) Chances are high that it is the installation of your browser of choice
is at fault here, and you may have no idea what else you are missing

3) Seeing this site, IMHO, is very much worth whatever it takes to get
there. (;



~The problems we have can not be solved by
the same
thinking that created them.~
--Albert Einstein

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