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Subject: Re: how to see the site--was: No 3d for you! (was: Re(2): FLASH: slick 3d cube si
From: batrico
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 16:21:32 GMT

On 2/18/1999 8:45 AM,Colin Moock of fritzaticeinc [dot] com said:

>this is now giving 404 on every flavour of netscape and ie on win95/NT and
>mac that i have tried.

Humor me, if you will:


If nothing else, try the direct approach (though you will have trouble
seeing the popup act properly).


PS: As with most Flash docs, it is much smoother in IE than NN on Mac,
and the opposite on Wintel.


--"The reasonable man adapts to society. The unreasonable man expects
society to adapt to him. Therefore all progress is made by unreasonable
men." - Bernard Shaw

Tnereffid Kniht.

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  Re: how to see the site--was: No 3d for , Colin Moock

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