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Subject: RE: FLASH: XP: Flash Work Arena
From: Angus, John S.
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 18:22:21 GMT

True: most employers don't even know what they want (it's all about
terminology) ... Webmasters (Server/Site Administrators), Programmers, and
Designers are all different ... if someone IS in fact all these, then
they're probably making a fortune ... but, alas, probably at the expense of
their personal life. Something to keep in mind is the old saying "Jack of
all trades, Master of none" -- it all depends on what the employers wants: a
Jack, or a Master. So, under today's "hurry up and beat the other guy to
the punch" attitude, having a one-man shop isn't a good idea if you want
quality products.

The point is: The brick wall you're running into is a result of the vast
majority of employers not knowing what they really need/want -- and
advertising for that. Or, they're looking for a "Jack" and you just happen
to be a "Master."

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Unger, Russell [SMTP:rungeratmbtinc [dot] com]
...everyone wants a Webmaster or someone who knows VB and Flash,
etc, but no one really appreciates or understands what we do...

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  RE: FLASH: XP: Flash Work Arena, Sienna Design

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