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Subject: Re: FLASH: XP: Flash Work Arena
From: Scott Wilkinson
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 20:04:26 GMT

I second Scot's comments about people wanting a "Jack" instead of a

On the other hand, times have changed. Used to be, you learned a skill and
that was it--you did that the rest of your life. Nowadays, the average job
length expectancy is about 3 years or less. So some might argue that it pays
to be a "Jack."

I guess you could call me a "Jack." (Though I prefer the term "Renaissance
Man" <g>). I actually mastered a skill (music) but couldn't make a living
from it, hence my forays into Jackdom. Having been a Jack for awhile, I can
offer one area in which it is priceless: project management. In my
experience, the best project managers (or executive producers or whatever
you want to call them) are the folks who have *some* firsthand knowledge of
every aspect of the project. They're better able to understand the
perspectives of their team members.

As a final note, I've also noticed that in many places, your limited
Jack-knowledge of a subject still puts you at Master-status in the minds of
the completely clueless people around you. <g>


Scott Wilkinson
Alias Design, Inc.

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