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Subject: FLASH: Solution to SubjectLine Issue (was: Common Courtesty...)
From: Angus, John S.
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 20:39:00 GMT

I see your point, but to that end, we could end up with a mile-long subject
line. Some topics are simple, and some very complex, and sometimes tangents
from those complex subjects reveal the answers we're looking for (as you
pointed out).

Perhaps the best way to fix this is to reply with a statement that your
answer (should that be the case) will be posted under a new subject (give
the subject) since it would be best "advertised" under a different label. I
think all the bases will be covered this way...

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Sienna Design [SMTP:siennaatfiamg [dot] net]
> Subject: Common Courtesty about subject line!Re: FLASH: slick 3d cube
> site
> Is this a common courtesy or am I out of line here? Please note the above
> subject had nothing to do with the content of the thread. When starting
> or
> answering a subject, can you either click "reply" over the right subject,
> or change the subject to match the content of your email?
> This would save an awful lot of missing new subjects because we delete
> subjects we are tired of seeing or don't need to open the email for that
> perticular subject matter. If I didn't know this took place, I would have
> deleted all the slick 3d cube site emails, but would have lost valuable
> information because someone didnt change the subject.

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