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Subject: Re: FLASH: XP: Flash Work Arena
From: David Gary
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 22:22:07 GMT

Sienna Design wrote:

> Same here, jack of all trades but not by choice. you get hired to do the
> web pages only to find out your the secretary, tech support for their
> clients who know nothing about their email programs and browsers... did I
> fail to mention setting up an email program has nothing to do with a
> webmaster, oh yeah, did I also mention you are requested to do the work of
> the other employees who arent pulling their fair share? Do yourself a
> favour, BEFORE you accept a job, have it in writing exactly what's expected
> of you then decide if you are being hired as a "designer" and NOT jack of
> trades.
> I run into clients who want something for nothing. They see a flash site
> and want you to do the same FOR FREE! they think it can be done quickly.
> sometimes I wonder if any of this designing is worth the hastle. I'm a
> beginner but am an artist by nature.. just desided to do my art digitally.
> Funny thing is this.. doctors come to me wanting spectacular sites but
> don't want to pay for it, I go to them when I'm sick and end up with a
> $600.00 bill.. go figure.

I believe this is a common mistake made by alot of beginner interactive
developers using
new technologies. Some feel they arent adequate enough for the job so they
themself when they shouldnt have taken the job on in the first place. You are
what your worth
and in time all will go through the "Ill do it!, oo, oo, Ill do it!!" phase. In
the traditional illustration business
the industry has been around long enough to have hardened and clients know what
to expect. However
one thing Ive learned in developing interactive shematics and marketing my skills
is show the client a archive or tree
of the design paradigm. Show them "behind the scenes". And let them know exaclty
how involved even the simplest of interactive schematics are.

If you get your client involved and educate them on just how involved the process
can be, then handing
them the fine print and price tag becomes alot less difficult.

If your doctor expects a flash site for cheap, show him what type of "surgery" is
involved with creating a
effective "Flash" website or presentation. Talk their lingo.

Also, always have a good standard contract outlining every part of your job


of course this doesnt include jack.<g>


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