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Subject: FLASH: Introducing your Client to the Design Paradigm
From: Angus, John S.
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 22:46:48 GMT

I couldn't agree more with this! If any of you succeed in doing this, let
me know how. I tried that approach, and got ignored by my superiors not to
mention by the client. Alas, I don't work with design types -- they're all
programmers and sys admins, and the client is the US Govt. I gave up on
trying to get them to recognize a deisgn paradigm (development proceess)
that I came up with.

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> From: David Gary [SMTP:dgarystudiosatmpinet [dot] net]
Subj: RE: FLASH: XP: Flash Work Arena

show the client the design paradigm -- the behind the scenes stuff
-- and let them know exaclty how complex even the simplest of interactive
projects is. Talking their "talk" helps...

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  Re: FLASH: Introducing your Client to th, David Gary

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