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Subject: Re: FLASH: Flash Developers FTP File Swap Site. . .Chris
From: Daniel Votino
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 23:02:11 GMT

>Just one question all files up on this box do they become your property
>up there? Just in case people have trade marks etc..

Couple thoughts . . .
According to basic copyright laws, creators retain the sole copyrights to
their creations unless they have expressly relinquished their rights to
them. We have institutions in place to insure authors rights, given the
right legal steps are taken. Therefore, I do not think that placing them
there would impy they become the "property" of anyone. However, those who
choose to place files there should at least be prepared to consider their
uploads "public domain". If this is not something the author is willing to
do then they should not be sharing them in this way. It would also be
considered a tad tacky for anyone to use things there as their own. So its
all a bit hazy . . . use it at your own discretion. I believe the ftp is
more for sharing ideas and learning from one another . . . not intended for
gleaning other people's work to be incorporated as your own (with exceptions
to audio and where otherwise noted by authors) . . . so share if you have
something you feel you want to share but you cant have it both ways really.
Just thoughts . . . no I have no "claim" on them in any manner or sense of
the words and certainly trademarks and things which have reserved rights
attached to them would not defer in ownership in any way to an administrator
or ftp user. Hope that clarifies . . .


Love & Rockets, Daniel Votino
Project Manager, The Flash Brothers Design Group
510 E. Francis Ave. Level0 Suite# DESCRY, Spokane, WA 99207
509.755.9904 / 509.484.8466 / FAX: 509.484.8461

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  Re: FLASH: Flash Developers FTP File Swa, David Gary

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