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Subject: FLASH: Re: Thread naming tips (was: common courtesy)
From: John Dowdell
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 23:04:08 GMT

Baruch Sienna wrote, in part:
> When starting or answering a subject, can you either click "reply"
> over the right subject, or change the subject to match the content of
> your email? This would save an awful lot of missing new subjects....

Top tips for thread naming, with examples:

-- If the thread is starting to diverge slightly, use "now:" or "is:"
modifiers so that people can still follow the thread, but see at a glance
its changed nature:
Re: Pay rates (now: antitrust action)
Re: 3D in Flash (is: searching the archives)

-- If the thread spawns a new topic, use "was:" modifiers so that the
title is accurate, but people can easily see where it came from:
Re: Generator and SQL (was: Site check)
Re: Linux and BeOS (was: PNG format)

-- If the thread title is vague, please do add a "now:" or "is:" modifier
so that others can see what it really is:
Re: would like some basic info (now: Online tutorials)
Re: help mee!!! (is: Site check www.myplace.com)

-- After the new thread is established, you can drop the "was:" modifier:
Re: websafe colors (was: big news (was: slick stuff! (was: site check)))

-- Please *do* start site checks with the term "site check"! This lets
people sort by thread title, thanks. (Some people like to include the
domain in the thread name.)

-- If your email software has an "SV:" setting, it helps others if you set
it to the standard "Re:" instead... otherwise your message may become
sorted into a different thread.

-- Please be sure your computer's clock is correct! When people sort by
date, your message may disappear into the bowels of the in-box!

And, as always:

-- Do trim those quotes down so that you *distill* the idea... do read the
conversation for a few weeks before adding to it.

-- Don't quote sigs, send HTML email, include attachments, or crosspost.

Do be a do bee, a doobie-doobie doo....

Thanks, and may all your in-boxes be happy ones.... ;-)


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