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Subject: FLASH: Attachments (PLEASE READ!)
From: Marc Hoffman
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 23:05:17 GMT

I'm noticing LOTS of attachments to this list. Mostly they are .vcf
(virtual business cards) and various Rich Text or HTML format information.
I try to send a friendly, private message to anyone doing this to alert
them to the fact (most are unaware).

Attachments hog download time and bandwidth. They clutter up attachment
folders and must be manually deleted. They are sometimes vehicles for
viruses, and therefore demand extra attention from the recipient. For these
reasons they are universally considered poor netiquette.

You who are reading this probably think you're not sending attachments. I
ask you please to send yourself a test message. Before reading it, set your
email reader to read everything as plain text, nothing else. See if
there's an attachment to your message. Also, please set your emailer's
preferences to send only in plain ASCII, not Rich Text, not HTML. Confine
your fancy formatting to your web design or to messages to friends and family.

I have been extremely busy this week (business is picking up for me, which
is great). I enjoy being on this list but the attachments are becoming a
real nuisance. Even sending a pre-fab message to the guilty parties is

I hope others on the list will help out by notifying innocent (and
not-so-innocent) senders of attachments, and will do it primarily off-list.

If anyone wants to write up instructions for setting plain text preferences
in the various email programs (Outlook, Netscape, Eudora, etc.) I will post
them on a website and refer offenders there so they can straighten out
their preference settings.

Sorry to be crabby about this. I wish this were <OT> but frankly I think
it's basic housekeeping and therefore relevant to the list.

Marc Hoffman
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