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Subject: Re: FLASH: Introducing your Client to the Design Paradigm
From: David Gary
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 23:27:53 GMT

"Angus, John S." wrote:

> I couldn't agree more with this! If any of you succeed in doing this, let
> me know how. I tried that approach, and got ignored by the client.

> the client is the US Govt.


Ouch!, Any gov run agency is usually not your prime Canadite to sell "Flash"
applications too,
but good luck. If the gov starts implementing Flash it would help us all. If
anyone can force a standard
its the strongarm. What agency of the gov?

If your having trouble, show the client the best work you can find on the net.
It doesnt necessarily have
to be your own, to show what the technology can do. Of course this can always
backfire. But if
they're a seasoned client, you'd probably be alright. Hell, show 'em Gabo's
site, he seems to be so good,
he cant take on anymore work.<g>

If all else fails, this might help. Try to get them "oooin'" and "aaahhin'"
with some other schmuck's site, then when their not looking, crack 'em on the
back off the noggin' with a F*king shovel and steal their wallet!



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  Re: FLASH: Introducing your Client to th, John Croteau

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