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Subject: Re: FLASH: Introducing your Client to the Design Paradigm
From: Al Rosetti
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 00:25:28 GMT

Dave wrote
"show 'em Gabo's site, he seems to be so good, he cant take on anymore

OK.... who is this legendary Gabo? I've seen his site and all. In fact, it
was one of the first Flash sites I ever came across. I WAS STUNNED... to
say the least. 6 months later I was scheming to get my own flash site up...
BUT back to the who is Gabo thing. I've never seen a single site he's done
but he says he has more work than he can do. What the? Is this guy for
real or just some invention Macromedia created to promote FLASH? He's
supposedly in Puerto Rico which makes it virtually impossible for any of us
to track him down to find out if he really exists. Personally I think the
whole thing stinks. It's gotta be some sort of Macromedia plot designed to
makes us buy FLASH. I bet the Fed's, Elvis and Grey's are in on it too.
Somebody have some inside info on this alleged "Gabo" character?

Log this one as an X-File,

Al Rosetti

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