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Subject: Re: Common Courtesy about subject line!Re: FLASH: slick 3d cube site
From: Steve Guluk
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 01:08:43 GMT

Sienna Design
Who are you directing this post to? I see you have my email posted so I
take it you are talking to me (or Jeff Bradshaw). Either way, you should
of took the time to review the message (or thread you are commenting on)
as you would of seen the post was directly relevant; A sample swf was
offered based on the conversation that detailed how to get the same
effect as the "slick 3D cube" site. I mentioned for sake of list brevity
that rather than offering the file it would be wiser, both for less list
traffic and also less work for the generous person who offered the file
to post a url where everyone could download the file rather than filling
the list with "me toos".

Do you understand what we are talking about here? Your preachin'to the

Steve Guluk

Sienna Design wrote on 2/18/99 12:39 PM :

>Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 15:01:10 -0800
>From: Sienna Design <siennaatfiamg [dot] net>
>Subject: Common Courtesty about subject line!Re: FLASH: slick 3d cube site
>Is this a common courtesy or am I out of line here? Please note the above
>subject had nothing to do with the content of the thread. When starting or
>answering a subject, can you either click "reply" over the right subject,
>or change the subject to match the content of your email?
>This would save an awful lot of missing new subjects because we delete
>subjects we are tired of seeing or don't need to open the email for that
>perticular subject matter. If I didn't know this took place, I would have
>deleted all the slick 3d cube site emails, but would have lost valuable
>information because someone didnt change the subject.
>At 05:15 PM 2/17/99 -0800, you wrote:
>>Jeff Bradshaw wrote on 2/17/99 2:58 PM :
>>>not to fast thou...let me know if you want the .fla
>>Now you've done it... :-)
>>I would suggest that anyone offering a sample file to "zip" or "sit" it
>>and post a URL as many people will want to see the source code. Haven't
>>looked at your file yet but I know that cool examples are welcome by most
>>people on this list and the above suggestion could save your emailbox
>>from being flooded.
>>Steve Guluk
>>Ph (949) 661-7222
>>Fx Data (949) 661-7772
>>Toll Free (888) 391-1011 X 4741

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