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Subject: FLASH: Aftershock
From: James Kozick
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 03:32:42 GMT

I completed a site with Flash for a client back when Aftershock was in beta.
Since Aftershock was in beta, I didn't use Aftershock in the site. In order
to accommodate for visitors to the site that either did not have active x or
the plug-in installed to play the Flash movie I started off with a page for
the visitor to choose either to go with the Flash version or a non-Flash
version. Functional, but not very elegant.

Now Aftershock is apparently beyond beta. My understanding of the function of
Aftershock is that among other things, it offers through HTML a behind the
scenes screening of the visitor to see if they are equipped to play Flash or
not. And if not, to offer a non Flash alternative GIF without the visitor
even knowing the difference.

Any suggestions on using Aftershock? Is it very dependable? Will it give
non-plugged-in visitors a consistently positive alternative experience? Any quirks?


James Kozick
Pacific Media Marketing
Olympia, WA USA

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