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Subject: Re: FLASH: You don't know Jack...
From: David Gary
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 05:40:03 GMT

John Doe wrote:

> Hi, this is my first time posting here. I just want to comment on the
> Jack-of-all-trades subject. I am a
> webmaster from Malaysia, and still learning new technologies like Flash
> and ColdFusion...
> What I want to say is I think it is good if you know every working
> aspect of what you are doing, because
> in the long run it will only benefit you. For instance, you can't be a
> manager of anything, unless you
> have a working knowledge of how everything is done in your company. Same
> goes for the upper echelon of
> the management. I am not saying that as a web professional, or someone
> who is working for himself, this
> is what you should strive to achieve. What I am saying is it is good to
> be a Jack-of-all-trades,
> Master-of-few.

Hiya and welcome to the List Mr. Doe,

I have to disagree with ya on this one.
If my central AC breaks down, Im gona call a "AC"
repair man, not some "Jack" that knows a little about everything including
If I need brain surgery, Im gona find the best possible brain surgeon for
the job, not some
"Jack" that knows a little about all surgeries
If I need a new transmission in my car Im gona go to a transmission shop
someone who specializes in transmissions will replace it. Not some "Jack" at
a garage
who knows a little bit of everything about cars.

With all due respect John Doe,
"Jack" of all trades finish things half-ass. Not because they're bad people
or dipsh*ts,
but if certain things need to be accomplished, especially representing a
or the identity of a business on a global network for ALL of their customers
to access,
hiring a "Jack" could be lethal to their promotions or advertising campains.

People who hire "Jacks" are usually looking for a "deal" and more than none,
get what they pay for,..half ass.
People who hire specialists, pay a premium, but are dealing with someone who
knows every aspect of their
profession and they, more than none, get what they pay for, quality.

Now to address the topic,
If I need to uphold the quality of my image online for all my potential
customers or clients to see especially after spending thousands on
traditional advertising. Im gona find the best possible web design firm with
specialists that my budget can afford, not some "Jack" that knows a little
about html, js, photoshop, or Flash.

It all reflects.
If everybody in the world was a "Jack", we'd be in big trouble.
If everybody in the world was a master at what they did, then well we all
wouldnt be supporting the saps that
think they're "doitalls".

my 2



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