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Subject: Re: FLASH: Site Check...Radio Station!
From: batrico
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 08:52:56 GMT

On 2/18/1999 3:45 PM,Brett Roberts of brobeatnaxs [dot] com said:



Your site has the typical problems with the code from Aftershock telling
IE to display the GIF that isn't there. If you want to display an
alternate GIF to IE users, rather than letting them view your Flash work,
make one, if you don't, fix the defective Aftershock code (JavaScript)
so that browsers that do indeed have Shockwave can see your site, or
simply delete that errant piece of code.

Or, stop using Aftershock altogether and make your own code template that
doesn't commit such errors.


~ Being a Mac user is like being a Navy SEAL: a small, elite group of
people with access to the most sophisticated technology in the world, who
everyone calls on to get the really tough jobs done quickly and

----R. Welch, CEO, General Motors

Think G4

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