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Subject: Re: FLASH: Opening a separte window
From: Colin Moock
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 14:20:48 GMT

flasheratshocker [dot] com,Internet writes:
>Could someone please point me to where I can learn more about controlling
>the windows. I want to open a submovie in a separate window, but I don't
>want it to have toolbars, scroll bars, etc. Just the movie. I have tried
>several different things, but no success. Please help! (also, anything on
>FS Commands)

>I tried to go here to see if there was more info that I could use, but I
>keep getting refused by the server.

hm, i did reboot the machine yesterday. perhaps you had unlucky timing. give
it another try. there are 4 tutorials on window-opening and one in-depth
tutorial on fscommand at:


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  FLASH: Opening a separte window, Jayma

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