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Subject: Re: FLASH: No TellTarget from Director ?
From: Gabriel Mulzer
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 15:03:56 GMT

Hi John

thanx for your links

what I was wondering was, if (and how) I can control
a movieclip inside a Flash movie castmember of Director

(movieclips without grafics I used as counters
and 'flags' to control the Flash movie they are part of)

after all now, this seems impossible
(and not really necessary)

of course using Lingo to control a Flash movie
is much more efficient than using movieclips,

but I hoped, I could use some old Flash stuff of
mine with its simple 'logic' 'as is',
without reorganizing the Flash movies
and reprogramming the logic with Lingo

(wanted some quick results to convince people here of
this great combination Flash/Director)


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  FLASH: No TellTarget from Director ?, Gabriel Mulzer
  Re: FLASH: No TellTarget from Director, John Croteau

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