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Subject: FLASH: RE: Flash: looping a movie frame
From: Philip Dhingra
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1999 16:36:52 GMT


You could make another movie clip with those frames of rotation copied 5
times in a sequence with a stop action @ the end.

Hope that helps.

- Philip Dhingra
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Subject: Re: FLASH: looping a movie frame?
>thanks. I tried to follow the instructions, but the test scene with
>these actions caused my file to go into an infinite loop starting with
>the first frame in the scene rather than with the frame of the movie clip.
>I am not sure that the BeginLoop label is being understood, although I
>have labeled the first frame in which the movie clip appears as
>BeginLoop. It seems to be looping the entire scene, and it does not
>follow through to the last Go to Next frame and End.
>Each of my movie clip frames are key frames with an "a" above the blue
>dot... except for the last frame which is an empty key frame...

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