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Subject: RE: FLASH: Printing in flash.
From: Rick Turoczy
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 15:27:18 GMT


Printing Flash content from the browser is not supported. The closest
I've come to a work around is to take screen captures. Then paste those
into a graphics program and print from there. I've found no reliable way
of doing this dynamically for users.

Hope that helps,

Rick Turoczy
rickatdiversitycorp [dot] com / ICQ#21789721
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Subject: Re: FLASH: Printing in flash.

Dear Osavaldo and Jayma

Iam sorry i phrased my question wrongly. I wanna know the way out to
print shockwave flash contents from an html page.

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  Re: FLASH: Printing in flash., Brajesh

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