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Subject: Re: FLASH: OT: Wacom Tablets
From: Jefferis
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 10:57:22 GMT

tim [dot] holmesatdc [dot] ogilvypr [dot] com

>with regard to wacom tablets and flash, maybe it's just my system, but
>i've got this funky thing going on with my G3 (beige box) and 8.5.1
>i've got a wacom with the latest driver installed, and with my trackball
>if i try to draw a line with the pencil tool, flash snaps a line from
>off-screen to where i started the line. this happens every time i relaunch
>flash. finally narrowed it down to my tablet, which i use every day in
>photoshop. so i can't get rid of it. i'm addicted, i think. anyhow, the
>fix seems to be to first draw a line with the wacom pen (which snaps from
>a point off screen), undo, then go back to my trackball for drawing. but
>then i can't use my wacom. any ideas out there?
>tim holmes

check your pen tools settings, make sure you are using default, but I
also remember reading something about sys 8.5.1 and the tablets on
Macfixit.com and Wacom working on a solution..

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