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Subject: Re: Commercials (WAS)Re: FLASH: Impact of frame rate on file size?
From: Scott Wilkinson
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 10:58:28 GMT

No, I've never used Flash for television commercials. But I suppose it could
be done. (Just 'cause it's TV doesn't mean stuff has to be flying all over
the place!)

These days, the leading broadcast animation package (other than
super-expensive, dedicated systems) is Adobe After Effects.

To use Flash for broadcast animation, you'd need a powerful computer (to
playback 30fps rates smoothly) with some kind of decent-quality output.
(Then again, if you're just producing for your community's local cable
access station, you could just playback your movie and point your camcorder
at the screen--that would rival many local cable access quality levels! <g>)


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  RE: Commercials (WAS)Re: FLASH: Impact o, pete clark

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