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Subject: Re: FLASH: Impact of frame rate on file size?
From: David Gary
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 10:59:23 GMT

Scott Wilkinson wrote:

> Here's a generic Flash question I've pondered (but not had time to
> experiment with yet)...
> How much does frame rate affect file size? Obviously (up to a point) the
> higher the frame rate, the smoother the animated motion. I see many Flash
> sites that--though well designed--are very "herky-jerky" on playback. I view
> this a weakness of the 'net, not Flash (no bandwidth!).
> I assume it's a balancing act; juggling frame rate and file size.

Framerate does not effect file size. The amount of frames animating does.

3 main culprits that can cause sparatic animation:

1. framerate set low in Flash before export.

2. Insufficent streaming techniques

3. Low end processor.


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  FLASH: Impact of frame rate on file size, Scott Wilkinson

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