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Subject: Re: FLASH: tell target problems
From: John Croteau
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 11:54:49 GMT

Hi Kristin,

> When the user comes to a frame, I want a movie clip to play that
> runs 15 frames. It is a clip of text fading in with music. AFTER that
> clip plays, I want another animated movie clip to play.
> So, at the end of the first movie clip (in the last frame), I attached
> the following actions:
> stop
> begin tell target
> end tell target
> then I target the instance name of the second movie clip like this:
> /kookoo. Both of these movie clips are sitting in the same frame, but
> in different layers on the maintime line.
> what happens is that the sounds just play over each other. The second
> movie clip doesn't wait until the first movie clip finishes
> playing........ why, oh why is this happening?
If they are in the same frame (even yhough on different layers they will
play at the same time. Plus you need an action for the tell target to
Put your MCs in different frames a stop action in the first.

In the last frame inside the first MC put:

begin tell target Target: /
Go to Next Frame
end tell target

So what happens is the movie goes to the frame where the first MC is
finds a Stop action there. Thr MC starts playing and when it gets to its
end it has a Tell target that directs an action to the main timeline (/)
and that action is to go to the Next Frame (on the main timeline) where
your second MC is.

Though layers load one at a time (top to bottom or vice versa) all
layers once loaded exist at the same point in time (based on the

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