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Subject: Re: FLASH: OT: help....non-flash site check....
From: nathan
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 14:55:14 GMT

first off let me just say that this is a superbly designed site... WOW.
as for the JavaScript errors, I am figuring that they are because of a
script on the page intended for rollovers. While I do not know a lot of
JavaScript, I know programs that do. and that would be Dreamweaver. MS Front
page is biased toward MSIE, but oddly enough I got just as many errors when
I run it in MSIE as when I opened the site in Netscape, indicating just
plain bad code. Dreamweaver on the other hand will write professional code.
Clean and accurate. I suggest pulling your site into Dreamweaver and
reworking the rollovers from there. I also suggest a main page determining
what browser and what version of that browser the viewer is using. ( a
pretty easy task w/ Dreamweaver).
On a completely unrelated note, you are the guy in Florence, Italy right...
I want to ask you some questions about that if you don't mind, I might be
staying there for the summer and I would like to know what I am getting
into..- email me
(jeeze, this is long... apologies to the group for wading through that
promo. And I don't even work for them!)

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