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Subject: RE: FLASH: question on stand-alone mode
From: Rey, Chrissy
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 14:55:39 GMT

You need to make a projector for each platform that you want the movie to be viewed on, OR you must send the stand-alone player + SWF for each platform. Unforunately, that's the only way to get the stand-alone/projector to work on both platforms.

As far as not wanting to do it often - I make projectors all the time :) In fact, I just sent out a CD demo that was made with Flash projectors.

For lots more info on stand-alones/projectors, check out http://www.flashlite.net (shameless plug).

Chrissy Rey
Web Developer
United States Trustee Program
United States Dept. of Justice
chrissy [dot] reyatusdoj [dot] gov

-----Original Message----
I realize you wouldn't want to do this often, but there
are some cases where it would be the easiest solution given
the end-users setup.

I have a Mac and when I send a "projector" stand-alone
to others with Macs they can run it fine. Windows folks
can not run it. I don't see any Macromedia documentation
on this issue. Does someone know how to create a "stand alone"
project on the Mac that will subsequently run on Windows
machines (or visa versa)?

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