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Subject: Re: FLASH: question on stand-alone mode
From: Marc Hoffman
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 14:55:42 GMT

At 05:42 PM 2/24/99 -0800, you wrote:
>I have a Mac and when I send a "projector" stand-alone
>to others with Macs they can run it fine. Windows folks
>can not run it. I don't see any Macromedia documentation
>on this issue. Does someone know how to create a "stand alone"
>project on the Mac that will subsequently run on Windows
>machines (or visa versa)?

Hi Matthew.

You must create the projector on the platform on which it is intended to
play. On the other hand, the projector need not contain all your content;
it could be as simple as a single frame that says "Load nextmovie.swf into
level1." By using load movie you just need to put the additional content in
.swf's and make sure they're in the same folder on the disk you distribute.
You could have a PC friend with Flash make a simple PC projector to
accomplish this.

A work-around is to create your piece as an HTML page and distribute the
.html document with all referenced .swf's. Any user (Mac or PC) can click
on the html document and it should open within their default browser. Of
course they'll need the Flash plug-in to see the Flash content.

Chrissey Rey maintains pertinent info, oriented to CD production, on her
site at:

Marc Hoffman
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  FLASH: question on stand-alone mode, Mathew Mitchell

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