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Subject: Re: FLASH: question on stand-alone mode
From: Chad Hofheins
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 15:16:21 GMT

>I have a Mac and when I send a "projector" stand-alone
>to others with Macs they can run it fine. Windows folks
>can not run it. I don't see any Macromedia documentation
>on this issue. Does someone know how to create a "stand alone"
>project on the Mac that will subsequently run on Windows
>machines (or visa versa)?

I had asked the same question 6 mos ago with no complete answer from my

My experience is this--
You need to create projectors for each platform. One will not run on both.
There is a projector player for the PC (something.exe) that comes with the
Mac version of Flash 3 in the players folder. I exported a .swf from my Mac
flash and pulled it and the projector player on to a PC via floppy. Then I
opened the Mac .swf up in the .exe and created a projector. It seems to

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  FLASH: question on stand-alone mode, Mathew Mitchell

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