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Subject: RE: FLASH: newbie question #8,666,324
From: Rey, Chrissy
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 18:01:07 GMT

This must be stand-alone/projector day :) It's very easy to create a Flash intro for a CD. All you need to do is open the movie in the stand-alone for your OS, then select File | Create Projector (if you have the movie set to be in full screen, hit escape first so you can get the menu). Voila! You now have an executable version of your movie that can be set to autorun on any CD. Combined with the FS Commands, you can do all sorts of neat stuff.

You can find lots of info on the subject at http://www.flashlite.net :)

Chrissy Rey
Web Developer
United States Trustee Program
United States Dept. of Justice
chrissy [dot] reyatusdoj [dot] gov

-----Original Message-----
Is it possible to create a flash intro on our CD internet software distribution
kits? I'm sure it is but can't seem to work out how to do it :-)

If anyone could point me to a good resource on the subject, I'd be eternally


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