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Subject: Re: FLASH: onion-skinning
From: Rafael Faria
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 18:06:12 GMT

>is there someone to explain to me how to use the onion-skinning function ?
>Or to show me an example ?
>I tried again and again and there's no change in my final .SWF

Well Vicent,
I think that the onion-skinning do not change the .SWF, it's only to help
you to direct some frames together....
it's dificult to me explain very well how and when use it, because i'm from
brazil, and i understando very well english, but i don't know very well how
to write.
but, i can tell something about some stuffs in this list.
so, onion-skinning, don't affect nothing in your project, it's only to you
put a few frames together and make changes in all frames set!

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