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Subject: Re: FLASH: OT: Wacom Tablets
From: Valerie Shoaps
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 1999 01:40:26 GMT


I've got a 6x8" Intuos. It works with every app I've ever tried it with really well. No problems with my .avi drivers either. I think the problem with tracing is that the 4x5 just doesn't have much space to trace on, and the size of the original would have to be 4x5 or less.

I was having alot of wrist problems from "overmousing". Using the Wacom really alleviated this. I work with it in my lap and find it really comfortable to be able to adjust the angles, etc. It's now kind of a pain to have to reach over and input something on the keyboard.

Highly recommended! It takes a bit to get used to (as far as orientation), but after that, you'll love it.


>I am considering one of these myself.
>what, please, is the problem with tracing pictures by hand?
>and do you ever wish for something larger?

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  Re: FLASH: OT: Wacom Tablets, bob schwartz

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