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Subject: FLASH: cartoons on the web
From: veronique
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 1999 05:56:47 GMT

I am only on the digest list so I takes me a while to respond to email...

Working with Gary was really fun. He is great and brilliant. He loved
everything we did (watch the next episodes comin up, they get better). He
wasn't at all involved in the digital development. He draw everything by
hand. Then we would scan his drawings, streamline them, color them and
break them into pieces in Illustrator before importing to Flash. All the
animation was done in Flash and not as a traditionnal animation technique
with inbetween drawings.

Newgarden is more involved (we are still finishing episodes 2 and 3 right
now). He doesn't understand the technology so he insisted on drawing frame
by frame so there is very little tweening in flash and mostly keyframes. I
decided to let it be because his drawings are so basic and involve so few

We are two flash animators (now three, one just came on board) and yes we
got involved in the animation for Garry's project. We had storyboards to
work from but lots of things were very loose so it left us lots of room for
interpretation and freedom to do character animation (very fun).

My biggest problem is still the audio. Flash claims to stream audio but it
does a really bad job with long files. The whole project was exhausting but
really a lot of fun. The guys at Macromedia were blown away when they came
to our office.

>an Wow! Gary Panter. He is unbelievable. How does he like Flash.
> The guy is one of the all-time drawing gods. Newgarden is always clever.
> Were they fun to work with? Your project looks like a success. Oozing =
> with talent you can't go wrong. Did you participate in the animation. =
> The overall feel is nice and tight.

> Larry

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> Subject: FLASH: cartoons on the web

> So the cartoons I have been animating for the past few months finally
> launched yesterday. I was also the technical director for it.
> As you will see, the project was completely done in flash.


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