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Subject: No Subject
From: veronique
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 1999 06:17:01 GMT

>So, when you say "if you have the talent to animate, think about it,"
>what exactly do you mean? Are you suggesting that folks come work for
>your firm doing Flash animation for animation studios (i.e., are you
>folks in need of animators?), or were you speaking more generally about
>potential for the medium for other Flashers to secure deals with
>animation studios?

I was speaking in general about the potential of the medium. Flash is no
longer used just for banner animation. Likewise, the internet is
developing to compete with TV (or complement).
The talent to animate refers to be able to bring a character to life. If
any of you feel that you can do that in addition to be comfortable with the
software, let me know if you are interested. You must be based in New York.
We work very closely together.

If you look at the site, you will see that there three episodes to come for
the Pink Donkey (in the next three weeks) and two more for BHappy (in the
next month). And yes, CartoonNetwork re-ordered more episodes. It is now
known information, CartoonNetwork mentionned it all over the press. So far
the new episodes are only for Gary Panter. So it is very exciting for my
company (www.funnygarbage.com).

I naturally lean towards Pink Donkey because I was much more involved in
creating her and the other characters. The animation with NewGarden was
much less interesting from a flash animation point of view.


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