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Subject: Re: FLASH: Impact of frame rate on file size?
From: John Croteau
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 1999 14:48:30 GMT

Hi Scott,

> How much does frame rate affect file size?
Not at all.

> Obviously (up to a point) the
> higher the frame rate, the smoother the animated motion. I see many Flash
> sites that--though well designed--are very "herky-jerky" on playback. I view
> this a weakness of the 'net, not Flash (no bandwidth!).
The slower the frame rate the less bandwith is needed.
In fact a slower frame rate can result in a smoother picture since each
frame will have more time to load and the frame rate though slower will
be more consistent.

> I assume it's a balancing act; juggling frame rate and file size. But I
> wonder if there is any kind fixed ratio (or rough approximate) at work here?
> For example, if you double the frame rate from 15 to 30, does that
> automatically increase your file size by X%?
no it doesn't increase it at all.

> There are many designers who advocate 15fps, suggesting that you don't need
> more. But coming from a broadcast animation background, 15fps looks pretty
> darn herky-jerky to me! (Unless used for small-scale, limited motions.)
If all of your visitors have dual pentium II 400 computers you could
design for 30 frames per second being pretty sure they would have the
processing power to construct vectors at that rate if they also have the
increased bandwidth that sending the information that fast would

If you double the franme rate you don't increase the file size but you
do need twice the bandwidth because you are moving the same data in half
the time.

One reason to keep the frame rate slower is so fast computers and slower
ones will play animations at about the same speed.

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