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Subject: Re: FLASH: Frame rate
From: Erik [gearik] Mattheis
Date: Sat, 27 Feb 1999 09:13:28 GMT

>1. (No problem with this part) I have a movie originaly set at 12fps that
>runs an
>9fps; I guess this means that this movie is too "heavy" for this processor. I
>suppose that the correct thing to do is set it to 9fps and (after watching its
>performance) eliminate some frames.

No ... don't reduce your frame rate ... that will not lessen the time it
takes for the processor to deal with key frames and tweening ... which is
the reason your animation is going slower than the intended. Increase it if

If it still goes too slow at 20fps, then start looking for blank frames to
remove. And remove a lot of them ...

It seems that Flash does not "think ahead" and begin to make calculations
until it arrives at a key frame, or else this wouldn't work, but it does.

>2. (This is the problem) I set the very same movie to 9fps and it know
>runs at 6fps
>My point is that the movie always seems to run slower than the settings
>frame rate.

An analogy would be this: You have to run ten blocks and stop at every
corner to read a page of directions which explain which way to turn. Since
it is always going to take you the same amount of time to read that page,
the only way you can go those ten blocks quicker would be to:

1. Run faster (increase your frame rate)
2. Reduce the distance between corners (eliminate blank frames)
3. Use easier to understand directions (reduce the complexity of tweened
shapes/redraw less of the screen)

The frame rate only applies to how fast you are running, not how fast of a
reader you are.

>"Erik [gearik] Mattheis" wrote:
>> Key frames take longer to draw, especially if there's a lot of tweening or
>> a large area of the screen is being redrawn ... ie if you have a frame rate
>> of 10 fps, and it takes 3/10ths of a second to draw the changes in a
>> particular key frame, and then there are 9 blank frames, those 10 frames
>> will last a total 1.2 seconds.
>> So ...
>> (the number seconds too long the animation is) * (frames/second) = number
>> of blank frames to remove

Erik [gearik] Mattheis
head honcho

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