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Subject: Re: FLASH: Frame rate
From: John Croteau
Date: Sat, 27 Feb 1999 12:11:09 GMT

Hi Fernado,

> I have a weird problem with frame rates. I have to make a flash movie that runs
> OK in computers with 486 processors. I try it in such a computer and a movie
> designed to run at 12fps runs at 6fps, so I make my movie at 6fps, but then it
> runs at 4fps. That happens in any computer. I try it in a pentium at 12 fps it
> runs at 9fps, so I make it 9fps and it runs at 6fps. Note that I dont make any
> changes to the movie, I only change the frame rate. ¿anyone knows why?. It
> seems logic to me that if a movie runs at 9fps, then the processor is capable
> of that, and if I change the frame rate to 9fps it shouldt go down to 6fps when
> playing.
Think of the Frame Rate (fps) as a speed limit. You need a very fast
computer or very well optimized animation to come close to the set frame
rate. First determine if your movie is as optimized as well as it should
be. If not optimize it using the Report and the Bandwidth Profiler. The
better optimized your movie the smoother and faster it will play.

The higher you set the frame rate the greater the difference between how
fast your animation will play on a fast computer compared to how fast it
will play on a slower computer. The lower you set the frame rate the
more time you give the fatter and slower frames to play therefore the
frame rate will be slower but smoother especially on slower computers.
Don't worry about the frame rate number but how well it plays on your
target computers at the set rate.

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