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Subject: Re: FLASH: 256 colors and speed
From: John Croteau
Date: Sat, 27 Feb 1999 23:54:09 GMT

Hi Fernando,

> Thankyou for the answers about frame rate, although I think there is still
> something missing. If you set the "speed limit" to 12fps and a movie runs at
> 9fps, then setting it at 9fps shoult not make it run at 6fps.
> However, here is annother strange thing about frame rate. If I change the monitor
> settings of a computer to 256 colors and then play a movie (that played OK at 16
> or 32 bits color) it plays A LOT slower. ¿why?.
This is easy to explain (and hopefully fairly easy to understand).

The larger the area of the screen that changes are involved in; the more
the computer has to process.

There are two main computer processes that are needed to put graphics on
the screen.
First is the mathematical calculation to convert the graphic data to the
screen's raster format. In Flash this includes converting vectors to the
computer's raster (bitmap) format.
A 16 bit (65,000 colors) picture has twice as much data as in an 8 bit
(256 color0 image. A 24 bit (millions of colors) has 3 times as much
data as an 8 bit one. So there is more data created in creating a 16 bit
picture compared to an 8 bit one. And more to calculate in a 24 bit than
a 16 bit one. A change in screen resolution also has the same effect.
The second process is the actual screen draw by the computer and the
higher color bit depths and screen resolutions take more CPU processing.
Newer video cards with the latest drivers take the burden off the CPU by
providing power and memory in the video card and reduce the screen
processing load on the main CPU.

Therefore newer computer generally have not only faster CPUs but also
have better video cards and software that reduce the screen drawing load
on the main CPU by moving the processing to a better video card.

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