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Subject: FLASH: Re: Please check my site
From: flashstuff
Date: Sun, 28 Feb 1999 02:41:41 GMT

Hi Matt,
Thanks for your comments about the site. It is a bit basic because:
a) Thats about all I can do at present
b) The clients insisted it was clear rather than cool
We spell organisation with an s not a z here in London England.
I'd be very interested in any comments anyone might have on my own flash stuff @:
But you gotta have a version 4 browser, shockwave, and sound on your pc to see it properly. If you take a look be sure to click "GO" and "PLAY" as there the best ones. (make me laugh anyway)


>> http://www.callnetuk.com/home/gazza/1ivc/index.htm
> On your site you spell organization wrong. You have organisation. it is
> with a z not an s. Overal the design is not terrible, but it looks a bit
> basic
You didn't notice that Gazza's site was in England where the correct
spelling of organization is with an s. In this global internet world you
need more than one dictionary just for English :-)

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  Re: FLASH: Re: Please check my site, Matt Powell

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