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Subject: Re: FLASH: Re: Please check my site
From: Matt Powell
Date: Sun, 28 Feb 1999 02:55:31 GMT

>Hi Matt,
>Thanks for your comments about the site. It is a bit basic because:
>a) Thats about all I can do at present
>b) The clients insisted it was clear rather than cool
>We spell organisation with an s not a z here in London England.
>I'd be very interested in any comments anyone might have on my own flash
>stuff @:
>But you gotta have a version 4 browser, shockwave, and sound on your pc to
>see it properly. If you take a look be sure to click "GO" and "PLAY" as
>there the best ones. (make me laugh anyway)

I appologize for my lack of cosmopolitanism..... i should have thought
that organization was spelled differently in England.... Sorry! I didn't
mean to be offensive.. I was trying to be constructive. I am really sorry
if I sounded rude.


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  FLASH: Re: Please check my site, flashstuff

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