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Subject: Re: FLASH: MC within button help
From: Marc Hoffman
Date: Sun, 28 Feb 1999 10:13:20 GMT

At 12:18 AM 2/28/99 +0000, you wrote:
>This is what I have:
>a MC w/3frames, frame 1 labeled "start" (w/play action), frame
>3 (w/goto label "start" action").
>a button with the above MC in it's over frame, I gave it an instance:"twitch".

Hi Naoki.
You don't need an instance name unless you are using TellTarget.

>I get the button image changing in the up, over, down states, only, the MC
>does not play and do it's loop.

It should work if you have placed the MC in the over frame. Is there a
graphic on top of it that's covering it up? You don't ordinarily need any
labels or actions for a MC to loop. It will loop as long as the mouse is
over the button. Have you tried placing the MC on the main timeline to see
if it plays correctly there? Last thought: double-click the MC in the
button and make sure its behavior is selected as "movie clip." If it was
not originally created as a MC, this would be the cause of the problem.

These are guesses. I could more easily find the problem if you would ZIP
the .fla file and post it at a URL so we could download it and check it out.

Marc Hoffman
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  Re: FLASH: MC within button help, naoki mitsuse

  FLASH: MC within button help, naoki mitsuse

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