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Subject: FLASH: Was: FLASH's future, OT: W3C
From: Troy M. Gilbert
Date: Sun, 28 Feb 1999 18:42:49 GMT

>Please forgive me for not understanding who WC3 is. Why do they exist?
>What does it matter if they accept Flash or not? Are they to the web
>design like the FDA is to food?

The W3C is no where as malicious as you make them sound to be... though I
can understand why you would guess to their intents considering the role
"standards" bodies have played in the past.

(someone please correct this if I'm wrong) The W3C was started by Tim
Berners-Lee (the guy who invented HTML). So I guess you could say it got
there before anyone else... ;) The point behind it is to have a group that
decides the "official" standards of the web. It has no enforcing power. It
is merely an organization hoping to organize the many formats of data on
the web.

Now, many feel they'll do what they want, but standards are none-the-less
important. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all the browsers worked the same
way? They would if they followed the W3C's standards (and at the same time
would be far more powerful than they are today). So the W3C is a good
thing, and given the chance, you should always follow it's recommendations.

Actually, I've taken the extreme approach on some web designs. I've
actually written exactly to the standard specifications, even though it
breaks horribly on most *all* browsers. But it was really just to make a

Well, hope I didn't mess anything up...


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