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Subject: Re: FLASH: Handwriting tutorial?
From: Darren Critchley
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2000 17:15:35 GMT

Paul Kilgour wrote:
Hi all,

I recently saw a tutorial which showed a pen writing. The letters were
masked to make it look as if the pen was actually writing them

I can't rmember where I saw this.

Does it ring any bells with anybody out there?

Thanks in advance.


I can't remember the URL, but another technique for doing it is as follows.

Draw your text and then draw a motion path over the text, being careful on the the 'T' and L's so the motion path doesn't cross.
Start the motion at the end of the words, and in each key frame, delete a little bit more or the lettering as the pen/pencil is moving across the letters.
When you are done, highlight all of the frames and reverse them. The same thing can be done to make it appear that a paintbrush is painting a picture.

Sorry I didn't remember the URL, but there are just so many sites I've been to.

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  FLASH: Handwriting tutorial?, Paul Kilgour

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